Haslet Parkway Project MapThe Haslet Parkway Project (formal name is the AllianceTexas/Haslet Accessibility Project (ATHAIP)) will connect the SH170/I-35W intersection with FM 156 as a 4-lane divided parkway within 120-foot right-of-way, and design speed of 45 MPH.  Additionally, Intermodal Parkway will be extended from its current terminus at Transport Drive south to the new segment, which will be called Haslet Parkway.  This section is designed to facilitate the movement of trucks from the BNSF Intermodal Facility as well as those logistics operations located in Haslet at Alliance Airport to I-35W and SH170.  Avondale Haslet will also be expanded to 4 lanes from FM156 to 3,000 feet past the BNSF tracks in anticipation of tying in with future road expansions planned by Fort Worth.  This project will be constructed in two phases.  Phase I is scheduled to begin construction by March 2, 2021.  You may have noticed activity around the alignment as private gas companies lower lines and the contractor prepares for construction which will last approximately eighteen (18) months. This phase of the project will have very little impact upon traffic.  Phase 2 will begin once rights-of-way are acquired and franchise utilities have been relocated.  Updates to the timing of Phase 2 will be posted when more information is available. Both Phases of the Haslet Parkway (ATHAIP) project can be seen on the project map as shown above. This is a TxDOT-managed project.  Haslet Staff contact is Travis Attanasio, PE, CFM, Haslet City Engineer, tattanasio@haslet.org.