Severe Weather

North Texas is home to some of the most extreme weather in the nation. We’ve endured temperatures between -8 and 113 degrees, years of drought, weeks of flooding, over a dozen tornadoes in one day and the single, most costly thunderstorm on record.

Inevitably throughout the year, we’re faced with weather-related threats to our health, safety, transportation, utilities, properties and cars. Wind damage to trees and power lines can present a deadly shock-hazard. Ice and snow can make not only driving, but even walking hazardous. A few inches of rain at the wrong time and wrong place can threaten entire neighborhoods with flooding. Lightning from a routine, non-severe thunderstorm has been known to strike nearly a dozen high-school athletes in one stroke. Seventeen confirmed tornadoes struck the DFW area in the space of just a few hours April 3rd, 2012. The “Mayfest Storm” that struck Fort Worth May 5th, 1995 still holds the record as the most costly, destructive hail-storm on record. It’s always something.

The information provided will hopefully prove helpful in being prepared and informed to ensure the safety of you and your family.

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