Public Information Requests

Requesting Public Information

Public Information or Open record requests, also known as requests for disclosure of public records, can be made be completing the online submission form by following the quick link in the right margin. In addition, open record requests can be submitted by mail to: ATTN: City Secretary’s Office, City of Haslet, 101 Main Street, Haslet, TX 76052 or be delivering to the same address. 

The Open Records Request Form is available by following the links on this page or can be picked up at City Hall. Please complete all required information. In the event more space is needed to describe the information being requested than is available on the form, please include on a separate sheet. Please do not hesitate to contact the city secretary for assistance to complete the form.

Request Fulfillment

In accordance with the Public Information Act, records will be provided within ten business days unless considered confidential by law. Every effort is made to expedite all requests for disclosure of public records however, due to personnel demands and schedules, there are incidents when the disclosure of records may take the time allowed by law.

The Public Information Act in English ( PDF) is available and it is also available in Spanish (PDF).